Dear Members: Even though the cost of doing business has increased significantly since we opened our doors in 2001, we have never had to increase our fees. Over the past year alone, we have received a 26% rent increase along with other rising costs such as utilities, food & drinks, etc. and now the state is requiring us to collect sales tax on all membership fees and dues. In order to keep our doors open, for the first time ever, we have to pass on these increases to our members. The new prices for membership fees and dues are as follows: New Membership Prices - Effective 7.5.2018: Friday Door Fees: $30.00 ($8.30 increase plus sales tax = $30.00) Saturday Door Fees: $50.00 ($7.17 increase plus sales tax = $50.00) Friday & Saturday Fees: $60.00 ($6.60 increase plus sales tax = $60.00) 3 Month Membership: $25.00 ($3.59 increase plus sales tax = $25.00) and as it stands we are still doing month to month the owners of the building have not agreed on a new lease as of yet.

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How the new rate breaks down

30 a couple for Fri, 50 a couple on Sat, Fri and Sat is 60 per couple. Single males are 50 on Fri and Sat, Single Female 10 on Fri and 15 on Sat.

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