Single Rules

Singles are welcome during specified events ONLY. All singles interested in joining should submit an online application.

If you are selected based on the information contained in your online application, a BGS representative will contact you for a screening interview. After this interview, you may be invited to attend the club on a Friday night. If you are invited to attend, you will be given a tour and asked to sign the same membership agreement as all other members. It is critical to remember that discretion is of fundamental importance.

If you decide to join as a single it is important to realize that certain rules apply--in addition to those contained in the Membership Agreement:

  1. First and foremost, in all instances, NO means NO

  2. Singles should NOT:

    • Follow couples around the club.

    • Approach couples or single females and/or ask to join in their partying that evening.

    • Sit at a table next to a couple without being asked.

    • "Lurk" around couples waiting to be asked to party that evening with them.

    • Ask couples if they are interested in meeting singles.


  3. All members are expected to be very respectful at the club. Those who aren't will not be invited back.

  4. If a couple experiences a single person violating any of these rules the staff will be notified and the single male will not be invited back.