What can you expect to experience?

After you and your partner have completed the phone interview you will be given directions to Bluegrass Secrets. When you arrive on Friday or Saturday night you will be greeted by the office staff and a tour of the facilities will be given. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions that you and your partner may have. The staff members at Bluegrass Secrets were once new and nervous, as you may be, don't feel embarrassed to ask as many questions as you want. The staff is there to answer them. After the tour and your questions have been answered you will need to decide if you and your partner would like to become members and join the party that evening. There is some paperwork that will need to be completed. You can find out all about it and our confidentiality promise in the membership section.

Each couple is free to become as involved as they are comfortable with. It is a very low pressure atmosphere and ideal for couples just beginning their adventures into this lifestyle.

Bluegrass Secrets is like any social function you might attend. We've all been to a party where we didn't know most of the guests. If you choose to sit and watch that's exactly what you will do all night. If others ask to sit with you remember that it does not constitute a commitment to anything else other than sharing your table.

Remember that everyone you see at the club was new there, like you. The sooner you speak to other couples, the sooner you will get to know people and the sooner they will get to know you. If you feel shy or awkward about just walking up to someone you'd like to meet, the staff is always happy to make introductions among couples at the parties. Again, the staff is easily identified by their name tags.

Everyone you meet values their own confidentiality as much as you do.